Software Analyst - Windows 7 Migration



Day rate

£300 - £340

Job Type


Job Description

Software Analyst - Windows 7 Migration Project

Analyse and assess current applications to determine suitability for migration to a Citrix Windows 7 environment.


Software Analysis - The successful candidate would be responsible for the following:

Identify the software packages that are to be delivered.

  • Understand usage; some applications may have been deployed to a machine for a past user or by error so installation requirements and licence counts could be reduced
  • Eliminate duplicate applications
  • Perform an initial assessment of compatibility with the host infrastructure using vendor supplied information
  • Determine if software upgrades are required and the potential impact in cost, infrastructure compatibility and user impact
  • Determine the suitability for deployment on Citrix (App-V virtual or MSI non-virtual)
  • Determine the suitability for Windows 7 deployment
  • Understand any client/server elements that the package may have. Not only standard client/server but requirements for file shares, special user accounts, etc.
  • Take account of existing support and maintenance processes

Identify and locate the media and include a soft copy in the 'packaging area'

Document the software installation and configuration in order the packager has a standard to follow. Ideally a core installation routine is devised and team customisations layered on top if so required

At this stage, whilst the application is understood, a test plan would be devised for UAT

User Acceptance Testing

  • The test plan devised earlier would be used to confirm application functionality
  • Document and address any issues
  • Sign-off from the user/business

Key Skills

  • Good communication and team working skills
  • Good problem solving skills
  • Experience with large scale Windows migrations
  • Minimum 5 years Windows XP application support and analysis experience
  • Experience with Windows XP to Windows 7 migrations would be desirable but involvement with a large organisation migration (XP or Windows 7) would be essential
  • Minimum 3 years experience with supporting applications in Active Directory and Citrix (Xenapp) environment
  • Willing to travel as required, to various sites in Northumberland, Essex and Suffolk